Dr. McCray has contracts with only a few private insurance companies (such as Kaiser Permanente) and regularly conducts evaluations for the Alta California Regional Center and the Valley Mountain Regional Center.  Private evaluations can be conducted, but payments must be made by the client’s family at the time of service and they may seek reimbursement from their insurance agency.  This is done due to the difficulty and extensive time it takes to bill insurance agencies that are not already contracted with McCray Psychological Services, Inc.  We recommend you contact your insurance company in advance to obtain pre-approval for out-of-network services before meeting with Dr. McCray.  Please note it may be more difficult to obtain coverage with an HMO insurance plan.

For private paying clients, half of the payment is due prior to the appointment, and the remaining balance due at the conclusion of the first appointment.  Legally, a psychologist cannot withhold a report, regardless of payment, thus the report will not be written until full payment has been received.  Cash and checks are accepted. If you wish to pay by credit card, payment via PayPal may be arranged (please mention this option prior to the assessment).

$3500 for a full-day evaluation for possibility of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) includes:

  • IQ and/or language assessments
  • ASD testing
  • in depth clinical interview with the client and appropriate family members (often 3+ hours in length)
  • observation of client in a social environment (if possible/and if appropriate)
  • extensive written report (often 12+ pages) summarizing the clients history, prior assessments, behavioral observations, current test results, a summary of the examiner’s impression/ diagnosis, and recommendations.