Dr. James McCray Biography

PsyD, PSY 17068

Dr. James McCray

I’ve realized I wanted to be in the field of psychology since adolescence.  This motivated me to move quickly from college to graduate school and receive my doctorate in psychology by the age of 27.  Specifically, I have a Psychology Doctorate (Psy.D.), which is similar to a Ph.D. but has an emphasis on clinical work.  Having provided individual, group and family counseling for three to four years, I feel I have found my niche with clinical evaluations.  For the last 13 years I have focused specifically on evaluating children for disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities.  While this has most often occurred for state funded Regional Centers, there has been many private evaluations for people who would like testing conducted in a more timely basis or a more thorough manner, such as including school observations, which some organizations cannot always afford. I also have a background as a public speaker and have found this to be very helpful during evaluations, as it helps me provide clear and concise presentations/descriptions of various disorders to families.  I believe the most effective evaluations are when a family not only knows what label, if any, applies to their child, but WHY.  Thus, I focus on educating families about various disorders and carefully consider their impressions about how a child functions in other environments, besides just the evaluation with me. While I primarily live in Lake Tahoe, I also have an offices in Sacramento and Modesto and will gladly travel to the family’s home or school for an evaluation.